Bringing this Toi et Moi style ring to life was an absolute honour.
PASSION POP Reading BROOKE 2 minutes

Material: 18ct White Gold
Gem: Diamond & Tourmaline
Design Time: 2 weeks 

Design Story & Vision Board:

This client was seeking a unique Toi et Moi style ring. She was looking for something that would showcase the centre piece as an engagement ring using an existing microclaw diamond she was gifted. She was just struggling to find a ring she loved.


So we began to search for the perfect green pear that would marry up with her heirloom diamond. In this particular situation, the size and colour was crucial and the design had to allow for her original band to sit flush underneath.

These were the original concepts drawn up for her to choose from:

Next came concept refinement. A final two sketches were drawn up in line with the client's simplistic vision:

From here there wasn't a lot to do except get stuck in! Now that we had sourced the pear, had our hands on the diamond and the client had chosen her band style, the fun job began. Here was the final product polished, photographed and handed to her very satisfied owner:


Bringing Brooke's vision to life was such a creative pleasure! This project not only involved working out how to pair two contrasting and statement gems together in a cohesive way, but it required the skill to source the gorgeous pear tourmaline that would work in the first place. The end product was so satisfying!"

- Erika Watson

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Erika Watson

A qualified and experienced NZ jeweller who has been creating custom pieces for clients for more than 10 years. Her work, while typically labelled as classy and clean, completely represents the client's vision and purpose.