Yes I can have valuations updated, item needs to be seen by valuer to have this done and previous valuation paperwork provided. Id recommend doing this every 2 years. Insurers can ask for an up to date insurance valuation when renewing your policy, this is necessary as some items increase in value over time as the cost to buy Metal, Gemstone or to produce the item increase. When availability becomes more limited or market value changes.

I offer free comprehensive insurance replacement or repair quotes for all jewellery items that may have been lost, stolen, or damages in a accident. Any images, valuations or receipts are very helpful in this process.

All insurers are different when it comes to what needs to be itemized within your contents insurance. Check with your Broker or insurance company directly if you have any questions.

With all jewellery regardless of value, As items over itemized value generally have to have a independent valuation with provides all metal, gem details and a image to help in the replacement process. It is always a great idea to take scale images and keep records of all your items. In the case of loss or theft this gives the best possible result when quoting and Manufactuing replacement. Scale images means ideally next to a ruler, or images on your person which is then able to estimate size or length.

I choose to use an independent valuation company for a few reasons. which are,

They give market rate on items so they can be replaced for insurance purposes by almost any jeweller you choose to use.

Staff are all trained gemologists and use the highest quality equipment to confirm all items are as what they are sold as which includes identifying and grading all gemstones,


Yes, I have a few Lab grown diamond pieces in stock and also loose stones available for a custom made piece.

Please get in contact with me for a custom made quote.

Lab grown diamonds differ to natural diamonds that generally increase in value over its lifetime not as a resale value unless it's a investment stone generally not used in jewelley but as in a measurable asset.

As lab grown diamonds become more popular, they are being produced and sold at a much higher rate and therefore the prices are getting more competitive. Which means you are paying less for it.

Yes, Moissanites have become more popular over the last few years achieving a diamond look and a much lower cost.

They are a great option for very limited budgets.

Moissanite is Silicone carbide mainly produced in a lab.

It is a extremely sparkly material and rated 9.25 on mohs scale. (Mohs scale is how gemstone hardness is graded diamonds being 10 and sapphires being 9)

Yes, Lab grown diamonds are becoming widely popular as a natural diamond alternative in engagement and wedding rings.

Offering wear benefits of natural diamonds and a much lower price point.

Lab grown diamonds are chemically and physically the same to natural diamonds but instead of being produced in a the ground of millions of years and mined they are produced in factories.

Grown from seed diamonds -(small natural diamonds) there is two main methods of manufacture CVD and HPHT.

Yes, I have a limited number of Moissanite items premade in stock as well as loose stones available for custom made requests.

Yes, all stock styles are possible to be made to order using a Natural diamond or Gemstone alterative Apon request.

Stones may need to be ordered in and can increase production time, so please enquire if you have a request.


Depending on your metals carat (22,18,9ct etc.) some metals can be alloyed down or mixed, but it is on a case by case basis please get in contact if you have any questions.

Some people will Rhodium plate yellow gold to give it a white gold look as in most cases white gold is Rhodium plated to give it its beautiful white colour, but this is a short-term solution and when it starts to wear it is very obvious as the colour contrast is much more obvious than white gold.

Yes, I have a intensive range of gemstone and diamond suppliers that will source or cut gemstones or diamonds to your specific needs. weather you are replacing a stone in a existing piece of jewellery i will always do my best to find just what you are looking for.

Yes, a specialty of mine is taking a collection of gemstones and diamonds and or metal and designing truly unique pieces around what you provide and your taste, to create a one of a kind piece that ticks all the boxes.

Most items can be resized - some more size than others.

Ideally we want to get as close as possible in a custom made job - see resizing tips (sizing guide) for more info.

All stock items have sizes listed in the description.

Resizing rings safely is generally up or down a couple of sizes - for more significant size changes please enquire before purchase.

One free resizing is offered on stock or custom made items so to avoid extra costs, be absolutely sure if you are having an item resized before gifting.

Stock items, custom made and major remodels come with a new up to date independent insurance valuation (items over $1500).

We offer:

- Flexible after hours times.

- In person showroom consults by appointment only

- Virtual consultations - Phone or zoom consults 

- A come to you /offsite appointments service, available in Waikato and Auckland and, when applicable, in Tauranga and Coromandel.

Rhodium is a platinum group metal. It is an extremely rare and most valuable precious metal, silvery white in colour and with a high shine finish.

Almost all white gold and some silver jewellery is Rhodium plated to give an anti tarnish and silver white colour to the jewellery.

Reapplication is generally needed every 6-12 months depending on the wearer.

Contact with chemicals can decrease life of plating. Avoiding chlorine and hand sanitizer's well wearing your jewellery.


From Enquiry to delivery, the custom design process usually takes between 4-6 weeks.

However, this can vary depending on a number of factors and no deadline is out of the question. If you have a date or special occasion in mind, please get in touch with Erika.

NOTE: Custom cutting of gemstones or diamonds; finding a more unique shape or colour; and offshore shipping may alter this time frame.

Yes - we can ensure the ultimate surprise!

Don't want to get caught out browsing jewellery stores in busy shopping malls by family or friends?

Keeping the secret is my specialty from surprise engagements to baby names, I've done it all before.

Use our discreet form to get in contact and we can tailor communication type and times to what best suits you.


Yes, cleaning and polishing services are available by appointment. they are recommended the week of your wedding to have your engagement ring looking band new to match your wedding band on your big day.

Generally done while you wait.

White gold items that require Rhodium plating incur a fee of $70 per ring.

There are many theories on this. Some say you should invest two months' wages, some have a design or “diamond size” in mind which dictates the budget but you probably have an idea in mind that you are able or comfortable spending. We can take this and tailor the design / biggest or best stone, metal option and design method for your budget, whether it's $2000 - $20,000 and beyond. There will always be something to fit your budget.

Alternatively, we can provide a range of quotes to give you an idea of what the design would cost with different stone options - for example 0.5ct ,0.8ct and 1ct - then you can decide if you want to spend less or more.


Our website offers Laybuy - www.signup.laybuy.com and Embassy Finance on more significant investments subject to approval. Contact Erika or Embassy Finance directly with justine@embassyfinance.co.nz.

Yes we do offer gift vouchers! All Erika Watson Jewellery vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase date.

For standard amounts visit here or for a custom value not listed, please get in touch.

You can save GST (good and services tax -15%) on any new item over $4000 by utilizing our airport delivery service.

This is available at the Auckland International Airport international and the item must be collected leaving New Zealand.

Collected at the designated collection point at Auckland International Airport departures.

All purchases are subject to a $400 airport handling fee which is NOT included in GST-free quoted price unless stated otherwise.

Website / stock items can be tax fee please contact us for a price.

Your item will be personally delivered to the airport before you travel.

Where there is a failure to collect the item on departure, GST will be payable during collection upon your return.


We offer overnight courier within New Zealand on track and traced courier (insured on all Erika Watson jewellery custom made and stock purchases).

Personal delivery or collection is also available to certain regions - please enquire.

Erika Watson Jewellery's beautiful wooden boxes are handcrafted in Wellington, New Zealand from high quality sustainable timbers (typically walnut). Each box is as unique as the piece inside and are provided with any item over $1500 or by request.

All stock items come with a 30 day return policy in exchange for store credit.

They must be in original condition and packaging for a store credit to be issued. This can be used for another stock item or be put towards a custom made piece.


At Erika Watson Jewellery we strive for the highest Quality and offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

We recommend getting your pieces cleaned and checked every 12 months especially those containing stones - free of charge.

Your jewellery is built to last however keeping it in the best possible condition will ensure its longevity.

We recommend removing your jewellery when sleeping to avoid unnecessary wear and tear -constant rubbing on sheets can reduce longevity of claws.

Wearing rings to the gym and lifting weights/heavy items can cause bands to bend or flex which can scratch the metal and dislodge stones from settings (generally shoulder stones).

Contact with chemicals including household cleaning products like bleach can discolour and corrode metals over time.

Sulphur (Rotorua natural springs) can also discolour / tarnish silver jewellery.

Showering in your jewellery will not damage your jewellery but soap scum can build up behind stones so they don't sparkle ss desired - refer to cleaning jewellery at home tips.

Rhodium plating lasts roughly 6-12 months depending on the amount of wear and the client's lifestyle. Contact with substances such as chlorine and hand sanitiser can mean rhodium plating is removed much faster.


We are happy to get behind charity or fundraising efforts in the community from donations to sponsorships and collaborations. Some of our current recipients include:

- Morrinsville Sports - rugby and netball

- The annual Breasty breakfast by Chrissy Cakes 

- Goldfields School - Swamp Foxes rugby fundraising  

- Doe and Co Breast Cancer event 2023

- St Johns Collage Foundation (Hamilton)

Please feel free to contact Erika at erikawatsonjewellery@gmail.com for any enquiries.